Why does he say one thing and do another ?

Why does he say one thing and do another ?

Because he knows that men fall in love with their eyes, and women fall in love with their ears !

A guy’s eyes are his sex organs. His brain is designed so that his visual system can constantly detect everything that can remember him of female shapes. A woman doesn’t need to say anything, a man has just to picture her naked and he is automatically sexually aroused.

However, it is way more complex to stimulate women…because everything happens between their ears!! The sight of a man’s body has almost no effect on a woman, but talk to her about feeling, marriage, engagement and intimacy…and she is all yours! . 
Men instinctively seek out a convenient access to sex, as efficiently as possible. So, if it means that they only have to tell to their partner what she wants to hear, then guess what? they won’t hesitate to do it. Unfortunately, many women fall into this trap…and that’s why they find themselves waiting for marriage for years and years, without getting anything concrete.

So, how to be sure that his actions match his words ?

By focusing on his actions !

The only way to know if a man is good enough for you is to ignore his words and to focus on his actions and only his actions.
And how to judge an action? By having a clear objective in the back of your mind.

Set a goal for your relationship

A relationship is not a goal in itself. It is a means to an end.

Your relationship should have a goal that satisfies you both. It is essential to take the time to define your objectives. What do you expect from this relationship? What do you expect him to invest in you before the first time you have sex together, in term of time and money? How long are you willing to wait for a ring?

Can this man meet all your expectations *today*? Many women attach themselves to “potentials”, only to realize after several years that they lost their time and that they cannot change a man.

Accept the fact that you cannot change him

Setting an objective for the relationship will enable you to see more clearly if this man is good enough for you or not.

You cannot “fix” a man. Despite all the potential that you see within him, you have to accept him as he is now, with his qualities and flaws.
If there are some of his behaviours or traits that annoy you, ask yourself: are they really important? If he is for example violent, a womanizer or financially unstable, then you absolutely have to let him go, for your own happiness and safety. 
If he meets all of your expectations and has minor flaws (like all humans have), like for example his style or the fact that he is constantly late : it is up to you to accept them or not, but you cannot force him to change.

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