Meet the grounded, masculine man

Have you ever had a grounded, masculine man as a romantic partner, boss, mentor or family member?

When you are in the presence of a grounded, masculine man, you cannot help but be in your feminine energy

With him, everything become so simple. There is something about the energy of this type of man that is strongly felt, but is hard to describe. It is both very powerful and soothing. His simple presence creates an “energetic container” that gives you all the space to be YOU.

With him, you feel freer than when you are alone by yourself.

You discover parts of yourself, your personality, your creativity, that you have never been in touch with so far. 

How to recognize a grounded, masculine man?

Here are some of his characteristics that will help you spot him: 

A grounded, masculine man…

…acts more than he talks

A masculine man is more a doer than a talker. When he says that he is going to do something, he does it. He doesn’t explain himself and rarely complains about what happens to him. 

…doesn’t play mind games

With a masculine man, what you see is what you get. When he is attracted to a woman for example, he makes his intentions clear early in the relationship. He knows that any partnership requires a fair negotiation and he won’t try to distract the other party in order to take advantage of her.  

…is courageous 

A masculine man is a problem solver. When you are with him, you can be sure that he has your back. He is not afraid of conflict (even if he doesn’t actively seek it out) and he won’t avoid confrontation.

…has authority

A masculine man has a natural authority,

Generally, he doesn’t talk a lot but when he talks, people listen to him,

He doesn’t need others’ validation but he appreciates hearing their perceptions.

…has definiteness of purpose

A grounded, masculine man performs almost every one of his actions with a purpose. Definiteness of purpose can be achieved by women as well as men but the way they channel their energies is what differentiates them. A masculine man will have a very focused energy and he will most of the time be in execution mode

Definiteness of purpose requires constancy and patience. The reason why few people have definiteness of purpose is that the majority of them let their emotions guide their actions.  In order to be in control of his energy, a masculine man knows that he will have to acknowledge his uncomfortable emotions and not try to repress or hide them. He knows that he is not perfect and doesn’t try to be perfect. But he is also aware that his addictive behaviours can sabotage him if he doesn’t work on limiting them.

…is emotionally stable 

He is grounded in his body and in tune with his vulnerable emotions. He doesn’t dissociate from his uncomfortable emotions by being aggressive or by engaging in addictive behaviours.

He is comfortable with his sexuality. He doesn’t hide his sexual instincts and is not sexually compulsive.

 A masculine man doesn’t emotionally over invest in a relationship. He will never make anyone essential to his life fulfillment. If a relationship or a partnership doesn’t work out, he won’t criticize or sabotage the person. He will simply move on. For him, the world is full of opportunities and no one is never compatible with only one person.

…is a protector and a provider

A masculine man has a profound love for women in general. It is in his DNA to protect and provide for them and for children. 

When he is with a woman, he is very attuned to her boundaries and the way she feels about everything.

He puts her needs ahead of his own.

He will never expect her to spend money, let alone provide for him. 

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