Making the unconscious, conscious.

In the last posts, we saw that to find the problem, we’ll need to ask the right questions. And often, the right questions begin by “Why”. Not that the questions with “How” are not good. At some point, you’ll have to execute and you’ll need to look for tactics and technics. But if you don’t have the answer to the “Why”, then you’ll just go around in circles, because at some point you’ll get triggered.⁣

Why am I not in my femininity?⁣

Why am I too much in the defensive when I am around this type of men?⁣

Why do I have fear of intimacy?⁣

Why am I needy?⁣

Why do I feel this shame deep inside of me ?⁣

Why am I so self-conscious ?⁣


If we find ourselves again and again, repeating the same relationship patterns, with different persons, the answers to these questions are in our unconscious mind.⁣

They are in our story.⁣

Here, ready to be uncovered.⁣

Unconscious, ready to become conscious.⁣

Theses answers are not only in the way society has shaped us, but also and *above all* in our relationship with our parents, since our childhood.⁣
⁣ How our parents interacted together?⁣
⁣ How our parents interacted with us?⁣
⁣ Which mother did we have?⁣
⁣ Which father did we have?⁣
⁣ How we perceived and interpreted these interactions as a child?⁣
⁣ And how all of this impacts our way of relating to ourselves and to others, particularly to men.⁣

How to cross the bridge between our conscious and unconscious?⁣

How to go beyond appearances and denial?⁣

By educating ourselves on family dynamics.⁣
⁣ What does a healthy parenting look like?⁣
⁣ What’s co-dependency ?⁣
⁣ What is narcissism and how does it impacts families?⁣

…And what’s the link with our femininity?⁣

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