There is no “secret”, there is only common sense

There is no secret, just common sense,⁣
and that’s the secret!! 😂🤫⁣

I proposed a couples of months ago a mini e-book, in which, in exchange of your email address, I gave you “The secret of how to be irresistible”. If you read it, maybe you indeed felt like I gave you a secret. Or maybe you thought it was just common sense.⁣

We live in a society that prefers fantasy over reality.⁣

We are bombarded with misinformation, so much that we have lost our common sense.⁣

So much, that common sense has become a secret that only a privileged minority has access to.⁣

So much that we want fantasy to meet reality at all costs.⁣

Let’s take for example this simple dating advice; “always let a man pursue you”.⁣

There is nothing sophisticated in it; this is basic common sense. ⁣

But for a woman who grew up with “Sex and the city”, this is maybe an epiphany. ⁣

I feel like everything has become taboo when it comes to giving advice to women, even if you are one yourself. And so, many things are not “officially” revealed, especially to young women.⁣

We are taught that we can do it all and have it all (at the same time).⁣

Or that we should focus on our careers, and all other things will “come later”. And so, we invest out time, money, emotions in our career. We ponder, for years, which school, which first job will enable us to climb the ladders as efficiently & smoothly as possible.⁣

But when it comes to our life, our relationships, the advice is to suck it up. “Just be yourself and you’ll always be at the right place”.⁣

And so here we are, in our mid/late 20s, 30s, 40s, still at that same “right” place,⁣

repeating the same mistakes as when we were 16, and wondering why we keep getting the same results.⁣

So knowledgeable & so naïve at the same time, this is how I’ve felt for many years.⁣

Feeling like I was living a two-speed life,⁣

Successful in one area of my life while totally clueless in the other one.⁣

“What’s the secret? “ I wondered.⁣

As I was doing my research, the right question to be asked came to me; I realized that what I was really seeking was common sense. 

The secret is that no one has it all figured out. But some persons have a little bit more knowledge, a little bit more experience and so can light a bit of your way.⁣⁣
The secret is that History repeats itself and offers its patterns to whomever has the humility to recognize and accept them. Each cause has an effect, each effect has a cause and that’s what enables you to create your own system.⁣⁣
The secret is that your body is your biggest ally. It will never betray you. So listen to it, honour it and it will show you the way. 

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