You acted out of Love, so you did the right thing

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“Sometimes, you have to make peace with the fact that you are the villain in someone else’s story, even if you thought you were doing the right thing. You don’t get to tell them how to narrate their experience”⁣⁣
A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon this quote shared by @bellanaillounge and I found it to be so well said. ⁣⁣
We are mirrors for many people as many people are mirrors for us;⁣⁣
We often take decisions that not only impact us but also other people around us;⁣⁣
The fact that we took that decision, even if it was for our own life,⁣⁣
may lead them to question their own beliefs. ⁣⁣
Sometimes, it may even force them to face a reality that they didn’t want to see so far.⁣⁣
And so, these persons get pissed off.⁣⁣
You can try to justify yourself,⁣⁣
To make them see the situation the way you see it,⁣⁣
You can even try to save them (you can’t help it),⁣⁣
But nothing seems to make a difference; for them, you are and remain the villain.⁣⁣
And so, here you are, doubly broken hearted; doubly bereaved.⁣⁣
Not only do you have to close the door on a past life, a past identity,⁣⁣
But you also find yourself dealing with this extra burden of guilt.⁣⁣
You may start to feel confused and second guess yourself;⁣⁣ Wasn’t there a better decision to take ?⁣⁣ Wasn’t there a better way to do it ?⁣⁣
The answer to these questions is probably “Yes”;⁣⁣
There are always better decisions to take,⁣⁣
There is always a better way to do things;⁣⁣
A less harsh or more considerate way.⁣⁣
You could go on and on about the whats & hows, but it doesn’t really matter;⁣⁣
Because at the end of the day, we are all humans.⁣⁣
At the end of day, we all do what we can with what we have & what we know.⁣⁣
At the end of the day, we only have control on one person and it is ourselves, ⁣
⁣At the end of the day, what matters most is your intention;⁣⁣

The acceptation of this reality can feel frustrating but it ends up being incredibly liberating.⁣⁣
Because it makes you realize that no matter if you’re not understood,⁣⁣
You acted out of Love, and so, you did the right thing. 

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