One word, an evidence

I’ve been talking to you about my “soon to be lunched coaching program” for months now. I even sent a newsletter early in September to let you know that it would be released during the month. ⁣

And I really thought it was going to be the case! ⁣

I had the topic; I knew it was going to be about helping women to re-connect to their unique feminine essence; ⁣

I also had the content.⁣

But how to structure it ? How to communicate about it ?  How to promote it?⁣

These were the questions I needed to answer. ⁣

And I thought it would be easy;  because I already had all the answers…a priori. ⁣

Yes, it was even supposed to be done within 2 weeks…at the most. ⁣

But there was one thing I didn’t take into account and here it is; ⁣

Execution is hard ! ⁣

Execution never happens the way we expect it to happen. ⁣

We often have to face several obstacles; inner & outer, expected & unexpected.⁣

Those that we had expected can impact us in a way we would never have predicted it,⁣

And those that we hadn’t expected…well would never have been able to expect them anyway; ⁣

Personally, I encountered one of my biggest unexpected obstacles while putting in place my coaching package’s structure & promotion. I hadn’t expected any difficulty because it was supposed to be a mere formality. I had already done several trainings on these topics: I had “the system”. ⁣

But every time I tried to apply the methods I learned, anxiety struck me. ⁣

And guess how I react to my anxiety ?!, I procrastinate!! “Let’s do this in one hour” transforms into “…tomorrow”, which transforms into “…by the end of the week”, etc… until the moment I start to realise that if this thing that I am trying to do makes me so anxious… maybe…maybe… that’s because it is just not for me. ⁣

This is what I came to realize for these methods. It wasn’t that they were bad methods, they just weren’t going to work for me. ⁣

“Ok, so now that I have no plan, how am I going to proceed?” I asked myself. ⁣

And I got my answer while reading a great post from @hajalalayina_blog which begins with this question : “How true to yourself are you on social media ?”

Which made me reflect on how true to myself  I am in the way I want to deliver and sell my product. ⁣

Which led me to this realisation : The persons whom I admire, the persons with whom I choose to work. All these people have one thing in common; they’ve turned who they are into a business. And when we think about it, it is very logic. Our personality isn’t only who we are. It is also what we do. And the more we are conscious about our singularity, the more we accept it, the more we infuse our business with it, and the more it flows for us and for others. ⁣

“Give me a strong personality trait of yours”, Lisa asks us at the end of the post. ⁣

Without thinking, I answer :⁣


One word, an evidence.⁣

I’ll tell you more about it on thursday !! ❤️

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