Authentically feminine, my new personalized coaching program

If you ask me to describe you how it feels to be my femininity, I would tell you about this sense of interiority that feels like a mix of pleasure and inner peace; you can never get enough of this so particular feeling, and men wake up everyday in hope of getting to experiment it in a woman. ⁣

If you ask me to represent femininity, I would describe you a home, an inner home. Your home is your cocoon; it is your delimited space where you can fully open your heart, because you feel safe. This is the space where you can explore your sensuality, feel and express all your emotions, dream, reflect, manifest. This is the space where you can be fully alive, fully free. ⁣

Now imagine that this home, your home has its windows and door broken. How does it feel? Can you imagine living in a home where you feel unsafe? Can you imagine constantly being in survival mode?⁣

This is how we feel when we are disconnected from our femininity. And what do we do to protect ourselves? We develop defenses; defences that are sometimes so subtle, that they go unnoticed. Defenses that we repeat so many times, that they become part of who we are. So much, that we don’t realize that the solution lies in the door & windows’ replacement or repair. ⁣

If, deep within yourself, you know that there is more out there for you, even if you don’t know what “this thing” is and if you are ready to open in order to receive it;⁣

If you have a deep desire to reconnect to your feminine essence and build a life on your terms,⁣

If you’re always looking forward to transforming yourself,⁣

If you love writing…⁣

…then, my personalized coaching program is for you !! Yes, it is finally out and it is at a special price until the 8/11.

“Authentically feminine”, this is its name and 28 days, that’s its duration. ⁣

For more details, click this link.

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