The breakthrough

Those rare times in your life when a powerful change happens within you…so powerful that you even feel it in your cells,⁣

Those moments when you know that many things are going to change, even if your external world is still the same…⁣

A breakthrough, this is how it starts; a single moment, a couple of seconds, when the unconscious finally aligns with the conscious, and a new world made of synchronicities, new opportunities & new encounters opens to you. ⁣

How will you recognize the “femininity breakthrough”? You’ll just know it. Even if you have never felt it before. It feels like you were outside of your body the whole time, and finally, you’ve found the key to enter it. This day will mark you, because there will be no turning back.⁣

How to provoke this breakthrough?⁣

Like everything that has to deal with the unconscious mind, you can’t force it. You do the work, relentlessly, until comes this moment, probably when you’ll least expect it.⁣

It is not work in the sense of pushing. It is not a work that requires efforts. It is about letting go; peeling layer after layer, until you reach the essence: your feminine essence.⁣

It is about returning to your senses. Your body, the environment you are living in, the seasons… I remember a time when I didn’t even notice the seasons. This is how I was disconnected from nature; my nature.⁣

How the breakthrough happened for me?⁣

Well, I didn’t know it existed so I wasn’t really searching it. I was searching for something, but I didn’t really know what. In the space of 6 months, I had done three intense coaching programs. And I remember that at some point, all I wanted was some space.⁣

So I moved. In a huge apartment. With a huge terrace.⁣

And I let it all simmer.⁣

After a couple of months, I understood that the space I was craving wasn’t external. I had to find it within myself. And so, I started to declutter. My relationships, my wardrobe, my thoughts. I also started to say no, more often. And naturally, I turned to what was giving me pleasure; taking long baths, spending time in nature, spending summer days barefoot in my terrace…⁣

…and one day, it clicked. And I understood how the journey that brought me to it was worth it.⁣⁣
I can’t tell you when the breakthrough will happen for you, but I can help you in the journey that will bring you to it.⁣⁣
“Authentically feminine”, this is my new program and it is at a special price until 8/11.⁣⁣

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