You can still make 2019 the year of your feminine transformation.

Many coaching programs propose you a transformation when in fact, they deliver information.⁣

There is nothing wrong with selling information. I myself buy information when I don’t want to spend time researching it. I may even be selling it one day.⁣

But for Authentically Feminine, my coaching program, I wanted to make sure that what I offered you was transformation. And that’s why you won’t get so much information from it: if you don’t perform the practices and do the writing exercises, the program simply cannot exist. And that’s what makes it so powerful!⁣

I see Transformation as the combination of Execution & Reflection. And this is precisely from these two points that I’ve conceived my coaching program. ⁣

The practices that I propose you are simple & will be easily incorporated to your daily life.⁣

The writing exercises, our interactions, my perception will allow you to unearth your relationship patterns and have a better understanding of yourself.⁣

What will be the end result? What will you get concretely from Authentically Feminine? I can’t really tell you and it doesn’t really matter. You know why? Because you can get whatever you want, as long as you are convinced that you *deserve* it. And this is exactly on this last topic that we are going to work.⁣

Authentically Feminine isn’t about going from a point A to a point B. Rather, it is about diving into your depth and rising to the surface with the essence of your uniqueness & beauty. ⁣

We have 37 days left before 2020 and you can still make 2019 the year or your feminine transformation.

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