I like to represent femininity as a home, an inner home. Your home is your sacred space, where you can be fully yourself, without the need to protect yourself from anything or anyone, because you are safe

Your home is you. Everything within it is familiar to you and suits you; it has been decorated according to your tastes. It is limited by walls, doors and windows; In your home, you get to decide who can come and when. If there are people who live with you, they are also chosen. This sense of safety is what enables you to recharge your energy; it is what gives you space to be in your sensuality; to connect to your body, to explore your inner self. This sense of safety is what gives you the space to dream, reflect and manifest, and this is what makes you feel fully alive, fully free; free, not only to feel all your emotions, the positive as the negative ones but also to express them to the world if you feel the need to. This ability to honour the spectrum of all your emotions is what gives deepness to your being; this is what make you unique and so magnetic. This is what gives you this presence, this “je ne sais quoi” that not only men but everyone around you can pick up instantly in you, without you even having to “think” about it; yes, you just “are”, and that’s enough. You open yourself to pleasure, you surrender and it seems like the entire universe magically rearranges itself for you.  This is what we call feminine power and if you are a woman, this is your birth gift. 

Now, imagine that your home, this cocoon, has its door and windows broken…

Can you imagine living in a space in which you don’t feel protected? 

This is like living in a war zone; you don’t have time & energy to connect to your joy, to fully feel, dream and manifest, because you are in survival mode. You can’t be in your body, because you are in your head, trying to protect yourself from several threats, perceived or real.  This is exactly the feeling we have when we are disconnected from our femininity; when we are disconnected from the flow of life.

Maybe you have been in survival mode for so long that you aren’t even aware of the defense mechanisms you have put in place in order to protect yourself. They are now part of you; maybe it doesn’t come to your mind that your door and windows aren’t supposed to be broken; that this state you are in isn’t your natural state. 

And so, you continue to do what you know best. You may think you are protecting yourself when in fact, you are overcompensating. You push, work, strive; pretending that everything is okay when it is not. You close your heart and at the same time you close yourself to receive. As a result, you feel stuck in your life, in your relationships. 

But I know that deep within yourself, you are convinced that there is more out there for you, even if you aren’t able to put a finger on what “this thing” really is. 

Deep within yourself, you have a deep desire to connect with your femininity, to build a life on your terms. You are looking forward to transform into your authentic feminine self…and my personalized coaching program is here to help you!!

“Authentically feminine”, that’s its name and 28 days, that’s its duration. 

Because 28 days, this is the average duration of your menstrual cycle. And what better roadmap to reconnect to your femininity than your inner rhythms

During these 28 days, you’ll have a feminine lifestyle that will help you to connect to your sensuality and receive the messages your body has for you. During these 28 days, you’ll soak in feminine energy and reconnect to the flow of life. You’ll allow your internal and external feminine aura to arise and you will start to feel confident the feminine way. 

I will give you a couple of simple but powerful practices to incorporate to your daily life, adapted to the different menstrual stages you will be in. I will also ask you specific questions and you’ll write, a lot. Because your words aren’t random; they are treasures that contain the seeds of the answers you are looking for. 

During thse 28 days, I will help you understand why your door and windows have been broken and together, we will install new windows and a new door. With this new sense of interiority, a new world will open to you…but only after you’ve faced the defense mechanisms that are now automatically impacting the way you relate to yourself and to the world. 

The coaching program will be by email and in 3 parts; 

There will be a first part of introduction, in which I will get to know you and in which we lay the background for the 28 days to come, 

Then there will be 28 days of practice and documentation, 

After you’ll send me all your written content, we will have 5 email exchanges. 

And within the next two weeks, you’ll receive a detailed report in which you’ll have the synthesis of the work we have done together and what came out if it.  

The price is 247 euros.

You have a question ? Feel free to contact me by email, here : contact@lartdelafeminite.com