My name is Hanae and I am here to help you to break free from your mental & emotional barriers, so that you can fully tap into your feminine essence and receive the loveabundance you are meant to get.

From a very young age, I’ve been fascinated by women who have this « je ne sais quoi »; What seems like a well-kept secret, this irresistible energy, this power, that not only inspires men to adore & cherish them, but also seems to effortlessly magnetise to them everything they want in life. 

After several years of research, encounters & experimentation, I’ve come to realize that this magic is nothing else than feminine essence. And good news, every woman has it!

If you are a woman,

Feminine essence is your life force,

Feminine essence is you

When we lose touch with this magic within ourselves, we function in survival mode. 

We feel trapped, unsafe and we build conscious & unconscious barriers to protect ourselves. These defense mechanisms have short term advantages, but in the long run, they lock the door of our heart. And a heart closed off cannot receive

We become exhausted & frustrated, feeling that we give way more than what we receive.   

I’ve created “The art of femininity” in order to help women regain conscious connection to their feminine essence.

My goal is to give you the tools to find the authentic expression of your femininity, so that you can unleash the flow, the passion, the sensuality that are already within you.

There is one thing I am very good at, and this is going to the essential

Cutting through the clutter of information overload,

Identifying the root of the problem,

And designing a tailored solution in the form of a system.

This is what I’ve done in my previous job.  After I obtained my Master degree in Finance, I’ve worked for several companies and helped them execute their strategy by designing for them decision making systems.

This is what I do in my blog.

My content is here to help you identify the beliefs that are at the root of your behaviour and relationship patterns, so that you can open you heart and operate from a conscious level in all your relationships.

A news letter & in depth self mastery courses will also be coming soon. I’ll keep you updated! 

“One day, I will be fully myself, whatever the price I will have to pay for it”

I remember vividly the day I’ve set this intention; I paused for a moment afterwards and asked myself:  

“Wait a minute, really? Are you sure that you would trade everything in exchange?


I was in my mid 20’s, and I “had it all”, as they say. But on the inside, I was miserable.  

I was starting to realize that all these years, I had played by the rules, expecting to be rewarded with happiness, as it has been tacitly promised to me.

But instead, I was frustrated and numb; 

My relationships were emotionally depleting,

I was struggling with crippling anxiety for years,

And I had this terrible impression that I was missing something (but what?).

At some point, I couldn’t continue to pretend that everything was ok. I knew there was more for me. After all, my name means « happiness » in Arabic and I wanted to reincarnate it.

But as much as I was ready for the inner work…

…nothing could have prepared me for what I was going to have to face. 

As I peeled back the layers of denial, anger, shame and guilt, I began to face the painful reality that I had been avoiding for years: 

In all areas of my life, I was desperately seeking validation & approbation, while I was intimately convinced that I didn’t deserve them. I was never ready enough, never prepared enough, never good enough to receive love & abundance I wanted to get. 

I went so out of my way in order to be seen, that I had lost myself. And what could be more tragic than losing oneself ?

Connecting to my feminine essence brought me back to myself

Little by little, I’ve learned to forgive, trust and love myself.

Reconnecting to my body and honouring it, 

studying family dynamics & human nature, 

understanding men & women differences …

…enabled me to create my own vision, put my needs & wants first, and raise my standards accordingly.

I didn’t change, I became who I was meant to be,

and my whole life changed.

I expanded. My mindset changed, and as a result,

My lifestyle changed,

my body changed,

my relationships changed.

I uncovered my purpose and decided to quit my corporate career to fully dedicate myself to my mission.

I would love to connect with you! You can send me an email to or message me via my Instagram.